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cardigan sweater is a must have item for Fall!

This is the first outfit in the how to wear a cardigan sweater outfit series. I’m going to share with you three completely different outfits with the same sweater. One cardigan sweater styled three ways.

Look for more of these, one piece three ways, post styles throughout fall. The items featured in the series are essentials that should be on your fall outfit rotation. Such as a cardigan sweater, ankle boots, felt hats and so on.

Let me know if there are any specific items you would like to see styled and I will add it to my list. AZTEC CARDIGAN SWEATER OUTFIT

What do you reach for when the temperature starts to drop and you feel a slight chilly breeze?

One thing that comes to mind is a cardigan sweater. These oversized cozy sweaters feel like blankets and aren’t only comfortable but functional.

Today, we’re going to focus on styling this cardigan sweater in a casual outfit.With oversized cardigan sweaters do take into account the size. You don’t want the sweater to overpower you.

Since it is such a large piece, you want to avoid looking sloppy. With this in mind, the first way to style this sweater is to keep the rest of the look form fitting.

For this casual look, I wore black skinny jeans and a form fitting black tank top. This keeps me from loosing my figure underneath the large knit. Black jeans and tank creates a slimming effect and balances the large size of the sweater.

To finish off the look, I wore my hair in a top knot, flat embellished boots, and a bucket bag. The messy hairdo and the flat boots kept this outfit casual. You should remember that this look is great for enjoying a chilly evening outdoors, watching an outdoor movie, or a walk along a park filled with golden leaves.

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