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How to Confidently Style a Loose Sweater Dress

Outfit Details

DRESS: Tularosa X Revolve Lenox Dress in Heather Gray [wearing Medium] | BOOTS: Sam Edelman Caprice Knee-High Boots [TTS] also love these | HANDBAG: Tory Burch McGraw Camera Bag– love this as a dupe option! | EARRINGS: Elle Silver Drop Earrings in Slate Cats Eye | Ring & Bracelet: David Yurman

If you’re looking at this and thinking OMG CHELSEA, put some pants on. I know already! I don’t normally wear loose sweater dresses this short, but I got overly-confident this would work. The material of this dress is like butter, so in my head, I was like THIS IS PERFECT. So, right off the bat. Let’s say to size UP in this dress.  Now to continue…

Styling a loose sweater dress can be overwhelming. There’s a lot of flowy fabric to work with which can either flatter or um not-so-flatter your frame. I am blessed in the boob/hip/thigh region, so I used to run FAR away from anything oversized or A-line. Then, I figured out that you can really pull almost any dress off as long as you have the right accessories.

Give the Loose Sweater Dress Some Structure

Loose sweater dresses are my favorite thing to wear in the fall and winter. I love how it’s so easy to dress them up or keep them casual. Here, I kept it v casual because I was walking around eating macarons & just living my best Norfolk life. Next time I wear this dress, I’ll definitely pair it with a belt or a vest to give it some structure.

Anytime I’m styling a piece, I am categorizing it in my head. Then, I pair it with an accessory in an opposite category. Contrast makes your look more interesting and dramatic. For instance, this sweater dress is loose and oversized. So, the opposite of loose and oversized is structured and fitted. Therefore, you might want an accessory (belt, hat, crossbody bag, belted bag, scarf, tights, long necklace, vest, you get the picture) that is tailored and fits you well. This concept is rooted in the

To get into the nitty-gritty of styling, you wanna think about the principles of design. The 4 principles of design are: balance, proportion/scale, emphasis, and rhythm.

As you can see, I wasn’t going for a ton of drama on this Thursday afternoon. So, I just styled the dress with my favorite knee-high boots and a matching crossbody bag.

Do you guys love a loose sweater dress as much as I do?! Let me know in the comments what Cha think and catch up on my latest meal prep post while you’re here. Thanks for reading!

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